Do a Search for without constraints

Hello! I am making a bubble app and had a question. I wont explain my whole app because it is kind of complicated, but here is the info you guys need: I am making a app where if the page is loaded, you make a database entry called ‘adminsOnline’ where the username = Current user’s name. And same for email and password(its unsafe i know, but i got it under control and its for a roleplay MDT, so it doesnt really matter). On the admin page you make accounts for other people. So you log in everytime. When you click on home, you dont want to be logged in on the account you just made, but on the one you loaded the page with. So i did: Log the user in and as email Do a search for and set value to adminOnline and than 's email. But how do i get the right account??


Hi @judavanzanden2010 :wave:

I don’t fully understand what you are trying to do…

But why don’t you do the login process normally with the action “Log the user in”? And to create an acount for other person, you use the action “Create an account for someone else”.