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Do plugins run server-side code when installed?

I am trying to understand how Zeroqode’s Stripe Marketplace Express plugin works because I need some advanced features, for which I may need to make my own separate API calls using Bubble’s API connector.

I’m getting confused because in Stripe’s documentation, there are certain instances where some server-side code needs to be run. I am not sure if all that a plugin does is do API calls, or if it runs servers-side code in the installation process. If the former, I think I can accomplish what I’m trying to do on Bubble via the API connector. But if the latter, then my project may come to a grinding halt, because I don’t think I can run Stripe’s server-side code on Bubble.

If anybody has any insights on the relationship between plugins and server side code, I would really appreciate it.

Hi @sandeep.jaykumar
Plugin can run server side, client side and API connector. Client side can be from element or from just an action. If you install the plugin or if you go into editor of the demo, click on plugin and check what the plugin can do. This one have a lot of “Data calls” that are API Connector “Data”. There’s a lot of action and probably most of them are also API Connector “Action”. You will also see that there’s an element. Element are client side script. Finally, maybe some action can be server side or client side, but only ZQ know that.

Maybe you can share what you are trying todo and someone can help you because there’s a lot of topic around Stripe.

Finally, you can create your own plugin with a server side action in node.js

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