Documentation on Server Capacity, Backend Workflows etc

Hi All,

I am looking for some documentation or thread that talks in detail about how exactly do capacity limits etc affect us.

  1. What happens if there are too many backend workflows running at the same time. If the capacity is hit, will some workflows get delayed or cancelled?
  2. What happens if some workflows run for too long? Is there a practical limit?
  3. Is there a priority or something that we can set? e.g. Some workflows that we want to run as daily or so, can we put their priority to low as compared to other workflows?
  4. What happens when servers are running at full capacity of what is allocated to us? Will people not be able to access our website? Will workflows fail?
  5. When the servers are running on full capacity, will some of the DB queries that run to show repeating group data etc on front-end fail? Or will they be slow?
  6. Will we get some error when workflows fail because of capacity?

Basically I have been having some issues with respect to some of my scheduled workflows failing, and support team has suggested that it could be because of capacity issue (even though I never saw any error in the logs). So i want to understand how can I avoid those issues, as I hit those capacities rarely. Support team didn’t provide me with any official documentation on this.

Also, last night we got an “operation timed out” error for couple of workflows. Was wondering what causes them, how to avoid them. In past all the workflow failures were without any error. Not sure if this timeout error has been added recently.
Screenshot 2022-04-10 at 2.46.51 PM

Please guide on the documentation if you know any.



I have been looking for the same thing! I’ve found content around backend workflows to be lacking, both from Bubble and other sites that write about Bubble.

We’ve got some heavy backend workflows that are spiking capacity (sometimes causing it to go beyond our plan’s limit), but nothing in the logs show workflow errors when I search, and I have no clue if the workflows cancelled, were delayed, or what happened. I’d love to see this side of Bubble improve, or at the least documentation on backend workflows. Info on them is quite sparse right now.

I would love for a task manager showing a history of all scheduled workflows, and a status column showing “Scheduled, Running, Completed, Error” and some kind of feedback on how much avg CPU it needed to complete, how much time it took, etc. It would be perfect for diagnosing.

But also what would be even better than all of that is if workflows didn’t just randomly time out

Does anyone have any news about this?