Does performing a search in API WF's scheduled date impact performance?

Hey Bubblers,

For context, I have a list of things with dates on them and I run an API workflow that reschedules itself during list’s last item’s date + X days. The purpose of the Workflow is to add a new thing to the list and schedule the workflow again at the new thing’s date + X days.

I recently learned that performing a search is far better than using lists for huge datasets so I optimized my database and used search instead.

Right now, since I shifted from a list to performing a search, My workflow’s scheduled date has nothing to reference to since there is no longer a list. I was wondering if performing a search in the scheduled date would negatively impact the performance?

For the scheduled date, I’m currently using “Do a search for datatype’s last item’s date” Will this work or at least negatively impact the app’s performance?

Would greatly appreciate anyone’s insights :pray:

should not be a problem, “do a search” is very fast even with 1M records.

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