Doughnut Chart Issues

Hello Community!

I’m working on creating Doughnut charts to display data and running into a weird issue. I have two separate forms that enter data into the same database (An academic form and a behavior form). I have two boolean values to indicate which form. I had to do two separate forms because in the future I’ll have multiple forms going into the same database.

The Problem:
I was trying to do a count of Academic and behavior submissions for a specific student. When I set it up, I’m getting a separate section for each submission even when they are both “yes” in the database. It looks like this.

And my configuration is like this:

Any ideas would be helpful!!!

Hi Josh!

You might consider tracking your form type in a single field, rather than two booleans. Then you can use the group by operation to get the count of each form type. This gives you scalability as well as adding a new form type would not require any changes to you code – you just add a new value into the text field (or a separated data type if that becomes more appropriate.)

Hope that helps!


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I’m going to try that in just a few minutes! Thanks for the recommendation.

Just wanted to say thanks @mebeingken! You truly helped me here! It worked perfectly.

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Appreciate the feedback Josh, glad it helped!

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