Download CSV - pick data

Is there a good way to pick what data should be included when downloading a list as CSV.
The list´s type of data i User but there are fields in the User Data I do not want to be in the CSV download.

Any best practice on this?

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I think you can’t select the fields right now.

Reopening this item. Does anyone else have experience with exporting data based on a specific set of fields? (Either by using the Export to CSV feature or some sort of workaround).

In an ideal scenario, I would have an Export option associated with a Repeating Group (with variables updated by Current User - i.e. date within range, specific category).

For simplicity, the option would always reference a defined set of fields so the columns of the Export would always be static.


I would also love the ability to specify the fields to include in an exported CSV. Do we have any update on this? I’d be willing to look at sponsoring this, my teachers would really benefit from having a clean CSV exported of their dataset.


Bringing this back to life as it still appears to be impossible. What might we need to do in order to specify which fields get exported?

Use Case:

  • My teachers have a bunch of student data they want exported to Excel for reporting purposes (has to get imported to another software application for district reporting).
  • I can provide the correct information for them, and it is useful, but the CSV is really gross and filled with fields taht are meaningless to the teacher
  • Teachers are afraid of the spreadsheet, so they end up not using it and spend hours doing a manual hand-entry from our app to Excel
  • If we could pick which fields to show/hide in the export, they could use our tool and save time

May i suggest we add this to and let’s see who else wants to seed this feature. I am open to seeding this.

I guess we can sum up the needed changes as:

  1. select fields to include in CSV
  2. Ability to rename fields
  3. Ability to choose which field to show in related record. For example show first name instead of Unique ID

For sure this is hard if it is the user is the one doing the selecting and renaming.

But doing it “internally” (i.e. we are the ones doing the select and naming) then this is a case of creating a temporary table with just the required columns on it, and populating it. It would still have the created date etc however.

You could even get the user apply filters etc.

As it is a “loop” you would need to schedule APIs to populate. And there is an interesting challenge to not allow the export until the temp table is populated.

But my guess would be you could use a condition in your workflow (or element) to only show the “download csv” when the table is populated, maybe based on a count or something.

Need this for a current project, so will let you know how I get on.

For my case, it’s definitely NOT a user-selected thing. That would cause most of my users’ brains to melt! Interested to see your progress.

Same! never meant for the user to select and rename

OK, so I have it working !

I created a “reporting” table with just the consolidated data I wanted (which comes from several other tables).

I have two buttons on my page…

The “Export CSV” button is hidden on page load.

When the page is loaded, I delete all the CustomerExports created by this user.

On click of “Create Report” I run an API workflow on the list in the repeating group …

Which creates entries in the Export table.

When the number of entries in the Export Table created by this User is = to the number in the Repeating Group (i.e. the Export is done) … the button shows.

And then you download the csv from the export table with this button.

As long as you don’t log in with the same user twice, it should work across multiple users.

Will put an example up on BuildingOnBubble at some point.


This is fantastic. I’ll be working on this this week in my app. Thanks for sharing Nigel!

Hey Nigel, following up on this. In your printed report, were you able to get rid of the “Created by,” “Created by - email,” “ID,” “Created Date,” and “Modified Date” columns? Those are the big things I need obliterated from the data export.


No, I can’t get rid of them. I think that would be one to ask Bubble, so a tick box to exclude this.

Bummer, thanks for the reply. We’re gonna need to figure this out somehow.

I’m looking for a similar solution – want to create a CSV export that only show specific fields (and needs to exclude some fields in our database too).

Any progress on this, either from the Bubble team, or other community members finding creative work-arounds?



I’m looking for a similar CSV solution and I made it work with your workaround but it doesn’t Rename the rows on my end.
Was it just a test to create reports from multiple data sources or did this somehow rename the name of the columns too on your end?

Instead of ‘type_text’ I just want it to show ‘Type’.

Hi @NigelG Reopening the subject, do you have a forum app that I could look to understand what you did ?

This solution seems to be complicated for the pb that I am facing: when I download the data from my app some are showing by their ID and not referring to the primary field I selected inside the DB.
Is there any easier way to fix it ? and to show thir ‘name’ instead of unique ID ?

Thank you in advance.

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@NigelG could you please share with us an app where you did this?

Sorry for the delay.

Yes, here is the page.

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No pb, thank you but I think the app is not public I cant access it.