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Download zip file from list or URL's


I’m trying to let our users download pictures that are saved in “URL” format.
I tried using a plugin called “Zip file compress & download” which seems to do exactly that.

However the documentation requires a “list or URL’s with valid URL codification”. (see attached screenshot)

I don’t know what is meant by “valid codification” and it doesn’t work with my links that look like this: “

Does someone know how I should format these links? Thanks in advance!


Do you have any error? You can inspect your Logs (go in advanced to show all options). If I remember, this plugin is a server side action. So you need to use logs to inspect for any error.

I’ve got the same issue: any clues?
It works with 1 file only on S3 but with list of files no way…

Did someone manage to do this?
This is a very funny application. It seems to me that everyone has used this application. This app is really very cool, but meaningless in my opinion. I think that the developers could come up with something essential and valuable. Instead of investing money to create this, it would be better to develop something essential. Everyone has their own concepts of value and necessity. In my opinion, an application for unzipping documents is valuable and necessary. Also among the useful ones is the WindowZard application. Still, the developers are cool guys; they have enough intelligence to create such complex things.

Hi there,
I manage to find that if the name of the files are similar then the plugin will keep only one of them.