Drag And Drop Z-value

Hey All just a quick one, I am trying to make my app more native feeling and I want a swipe up group. I’ve been able to achieve this with the swipe detector however I’d like the part of the page to move as it’s swiped.
I installed the drag and drop plugin which has helped me to achieve this but the only thing is that when I grab the draggable area it brings it to the top and covers up some floating buttons that I would like to remain visible even when the draggable area is grabbed.

Does any one have an idea how to fix this, possibly some CSS ideas

Hey all so I came up with a solution.
I added the classify plugin and changed the css for the element that was getting hidden. Changed the z value to 9999999999 and !important

I was unable to change the value of the actual Draggable object for some reason.

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