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Drag & Drop Repeating Group Plugin - Save order

I just purchased the plugin from @minimumstudio

Unfortunately, I cannot find any documentation on how to save the rearranged RG into the database.
Specifically, when the page is refreshed or reopened, the sorting order should be updated accordingly.

The demo has a save button, but I’m not experienced enough to reverse engineer it. Here’s the link to the demo: Drag & Drop Repeating Group.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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That plugin is pretty minimal and doesn’t make a lot of sense, really. The library it uses “sortable.js” is actually pretty good (and I use it myself in my Floppy plugin), but all the “save” feature does is save the order of the sorted items to localStorage. (This is a feature of the library that I actually find somewhat silly.)

But this isn’t really useful in any meaningful way in Bubble. Because what you really want to do is have access to the reordered items back in Bubble. This is a much bigger challenge, but one that I’ve solved in my Floppy plugin.

Floppy is a plugin that’s mostly for browser storage (and handles pretty much any Bubble data type), but it also has advanced list manipulation features, including the ability to make an RG sortable while also getting the new order of the items back via the plugin.

Most recent video about this feature is here:

The latest versions also allow drag/drop between RGs (simply by giving them the same “drag group” name in the main interface), but I’ve not finished a video about that.

Anyway, sorry your previous purchase of somebody else’s plugin wasn’t actually useful, but you may want to watch my video(s) about Floppy and test it out should it look promising. The Floppy plugin itself contains an ever-growing number of plugins, and not just the Floppy element itself.

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Hi there!
Thanks a lot for the purchase and your message. We’re happy to help you out :wink:
You can actually view the editor here and see what happens when you click the “save” button in the workflow tab. But I’ll explain it here for you as well.

(@Keith, this might be helpful for you as well since our plugin actually saves new orders in your database if you use a simple workflow for it)

You can use the plugin to ‘link’ it to a repeating group on your page. Then, when users drag and drop items in a new order, you can add a “save” button to your page (or any other event that can trigger the workflow of saving). In that workflow, you make changes to a list in your database where you want to store the data in a new order.

In this picture below, we make changes to the user and edit the list field for “Saved Items”. That is a list of options from an option set. If you save the new list (by using “set list”) the list will be updated to the right order. The “drag_drop_one” and “drag_drop_two” are two instances of the plugin on the page. You can pretty much change any list in any record with this workflow. You just have to access the ordered list from the plugin instance!

Please let us know if you still have any questions!