Dropdown only displaying a tick

Dropdown only seems to display a check symbol with no items.

I have set the dropdown to pull from an Option Set but it does not display anything on the actual drop down form.

I then went to the data type and added a field to pull from the “Option Set” and when i go to “App Data” and create a manual entry the same drop down displays “None” despite the “Open Set” having a host of “Attributes”

Can anyone help? I am new to bubble.

I hope this makes sense

Hi there, @1mran4hmad… it looks like you have created all of the options in the option set as attributes instead of actual options. So, delete all of those attributes, and look for the New option field (which is below the Create a new attribute button) and enter your options one at a time in that field.


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Thank you SOOOOOOOOOO much. It all seems so obvious now LOL

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