Dropdown - Update DB when changed

Hey Guys,
I Need some help with this now to move forward with my project.
I have a whole raft of dropdowns (100 approx at the moment) which I’ve set up types for in the DB. These types also have fields with constraints making the user’s choices dependant on each other.

Saving the user’s selections in the right way is what I’m trying to get right now before I continue with another 2-3000+ dropdowns in the same fashion.
Currently, I’ve got a button setup with a workflow that creates/updates a thing in the DB (different to the dropdown Type). This works fine but I can’t then display the saved entry on page load because the dropdown is referencing the dropdown choices I have set up.
I’d love to be able to autobind the dropdowns but I don’t think this is possible either.
I had an idea whereby I overlaid inputs which were visible based on states like an edit mode but that’s not a feasible solution with 1000’s of dropdowns to be honest - don’t think I’d have much hair left if I took that road.
Would appreciate any suggestions or ideas from anyone.



After all that, just realised that I could use a dynamic place holder value…Honestly! I’ve been screwing with this for months and sorting everything else out around this issue.
Hope it helps someone else out :laughing:

Please Explain a little more…