Dropwdown : "Tous les genre" instead of empty to select everything

Hello evryone,

I am sure someone else has asked my question but I did not get t.

I have a dropdown to research type of book (genre in french) : BD, Roman, Thriller, Poeme.

To make it I created an option set and a filter in the Repeating group.

I have a blank option in the dropdown to select everything but I d would like a something like “Tous les genres” and it selects all the books.

How could I do it ?

The Option set in my data

The parameter in the dropdown

The parameter in the repeating group ro filter the type of books

Thanks a lot

You can do it in a workflow action instead of directly in the data source. I could create two behavior based on the dropdown’s value:

  1. IF the dropdown’s value is ALL (whatever option set you have for all):
  1. IF it is not all, show a constrained version of the data:

Here is the editor if you want to check details: Tests for Forum 11 | Bubble Editor

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Thank you a lot for your reply.

Unfortunatelly, it does not work for my needs.

Before to select the type of book (BD, poem, Thriler…), the user can add a book to a library and define the type of book.
So it does not make sense to have “ALL” if you create your book.

Also, if it is possible, I would prefer to create an option set instead of writing static choices for the dropdown.

The first solution i got is to create a second field linked to another option set with poem, carton…and ALL. So the other dropdown will refer on this second field.
But it will consume more WU.

Or I create a static choice .

It is too bad that Bubble doesn’t propose something else for the empty case for the option set. @bubbledeveloper if you hear us :wink:

Thank you again @hergin :slight_smile:

Hi Thomas,

did you tried just using the condition to change the repeating group data source ?

I made a quick equivalent :

When the value of the DD is Tous les genres you just change the data source and remove the constraint with the genre.

Hope that helps !

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Hello Manon,

It’s perfect if you have a static drowdown and you use this dropdown only to filter a book.

But I would to use a dynamic choice for the dropdown so the dropdown would call an option set.

This dropdown would use to filter a book for the repeating group but also to create and modify a book.

So to have this kind of dropdown, I have to add an option “Tous les genres” in the option set.

The only problem is, it doesn’t make sense to have “Tous les genres” when you create a book and Idon’t know how to hide it or I don’t find another way to make it.

I am sure it is possible but I don’t find the alternatives.

If I am not clear, tell me :slight_smile:
Thank you so much to have helped me

Hi, you can remove “tous les genres” from the dropdown choice list :

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OMG !!

My sunday will be sunnier :slight_smile:
A little bit shame of myself because it was so easy, I wil remember about this “Minus item” function !

Thank you so so so much

I hope your library wil be happy with your work :wink:

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Pleasure !

Sometime the little things do come as obvious dont worry :slight_smile: !