We have used the Count +1 logic used in Bubble for increment .

However on our live application in about 3000 transactions , we find 224 duplicate ids …

What senarios can cause this issue ?
How can we address the issue . ?

All we need is auto incremented ids … even if some tansactions get deleted in between … the new tansactions should have last id number + 1 …

We also tried few suggestions from … Auto increment in bubble - #3 by SeanB
but it still gives some duplications … need to know why
Please help URGENT

The existing ID + 1 isn’t changing between transactions, you’re incrementing the same ID multiple times.

There was a discussion on the forums previously. How to achieve Unique, Sequential Numbers Reliably? Where @keith goes into great detail about how to get a working solution.

For my solution, I created a 10 digital random alphanumeric string as the reference ID. Chances of the system generating the same 10 digital random alphanumeric code is quite low and due to transaction volume, I don’t see a collision happening anytime soon.

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