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Dynamic APIs and Dynamic User API Keys

I’m building a new dashboard that works alongside my employer’s tool and I need help creating dynamic API connections that each user enters information for. For example, I need a user to be able to enter their own API keys from the 3rd party tool then pull data from that 3rd party tool into my dashboard specific to that user’s account. Here is the example code from my company’s API:

curl -X POST {baseURL}/public-api/v1/agent/{agent_id}/device/{device_id}/connection
-H ‘Content-Type: application/json’
-H ‘Accept: application/json’
-H ‘X-Api-Key: API_KEY’

All users need their own unique API key and all of them have different {agent_id} and {device_id}.

in bubble api connector plugin the use of {} doesn’t get dynamic values but replacing them with [] will

Then from there would I just have fields in the dashboard that users can enter their info and it would populate the APIs?

When using the APIs if it is a data the dynamic values are added when setting up the datasource (being the API) and if it is an action you would have the ability to set those parameters when setting up the action.

Knowing how that works, you could then figure an easy way to store the values provided by the users in the DB and uses the DB values to populate the dynamic values for the API calls.