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Dynamic Data Groupings

Hi @emmanuel and @josh,

I recently thought of a feature that I think could be useful to others in a lot of different scenarios. I have an app that allows users to plot their data on a Google chart and it allows the user to visualize their data in different time based groupings and to aggregate the data using various functions.

While this seems like it would be the perfect job for the new :group by feature, the one limitation is that it does not allow the user to dynamically select different aggregation functions or time groupings. Therefore, I currently have it programmed to allow the user to do this using javascript in an HTML element by directly manipulating the data after having loaded it into a javascript array. Of course, things would be much simpler if this could be done natively in Bubble without code.

Therefore, I was wondering if there were any plans to make the :group by options dynamic, particularly if there were other Bubblers who would find this feature helpful.


It’s been a while, but can you share how you did this? I really need this