Dynamic Data in script issue


I am adding a Google Analytics script to the HTML head of page.

It works fine when I paste the script in.

However, when I try to pull in the data dynamically, its not loading the script.

My hunch is because the page is loading the JS first before grabbing the dynamic data. I verified this with the gtag detector. With the whole pasted version, it runs fine. With the version containing dynamic date, I just have a google analytics with no ID (my dynamic aspect)

Do I have any way of loading a script based on the page data?

This is a feature that allows our users to add their google analytics script to a page.


did you get answer to your question

Nope. But I found a way forward in my instance by simply attaching the script to the page thing in a workflow so it doesn’t have to dynamically populate the data on page load, it’s already loading it.

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