Dynamic Data Question (Newbie)

Newbie question:
When I try to count the occurrences of a text item I am getting the following error message: “Dynamic Data in text boxes must be printable as text but instead this is an element”

The app is attempting to count the number of projects that have the status of “Complete” However when I use “complete” in the constraint section I am asked for its width or height.
Here are the steps I’m taking

  1. Insert Dynamic Data
  2. Do a Search For
  3. enter “project” when asked for type
  4. click add new constraint
  5. status = “complete”
  6. then i am asked for "complete’ ’ s’width or “s’height”

When I do the same count on data that is classified as an integer it works fine. I imagine there is some issue in my database setting for “Status”, but don’t know what it is. Status is currently set as Text in the database

Thanks for any advice

It is alright. There is no problem with it.

Thing is when you count how many projects are in the status of completed/due etc. that means you are counting the numbers. Numbers are integers.

E.g. 10 out of 100 projects are completed. So the result is 10. (Status: Completed). Status type is text. Result is the number.

That makes sense, but why won’t it count occurrences of “Completed” projects. Its asking me for “Width and Height” and it shouldn’t be. Count function should just look at occurrences of text data and give number. Thanks for earlier feedback!

Where is it asking you for that?

Can you share some screenshots?

Text elements are just used for displaying texts… you can’t access their content elsewhere (the only property you can access from text element is it’s width and height).

I’m not quite sure I understand what you’re trying to do…

But if your Status field is a ‘Text’ and you want to search only for Projects with the status value ‘Complete’ you just need to type ‘Complete’ in the status= box.

If, as Id recommend, you’re using an Option Set for the Status, then you can just select it from the menu, or refer to some other element that holds that option (but I don’t think you are using an Option Set?..)

Thank you, I’ll try the option set. Thanks for the help!

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