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Dynamic height in repeating groups within floating groups

I’m creating a left-hand menu that floats and within it, I need a repeating group. As the height of the floating group changes with the height of the screen, the repeating group stays the same height. Is there a way to change the height of the repeating group dynamically as the height of the floating group changes?

I’ve recorded a video explaining my question in more detail:

Thank you!

Hi @Shan !

This does not address an RG inside a floating group specifically, but it does provide other concepts that may spark ideas on how to get close to the effect that you are looking for.

Not sure if it is achievable but playing with settings in the elements and some of the concepts laid out in the video may help :grinning:


SOLVED: Just need to make the repeating group full list instead of vertical scrolling.
@cmarchan thanks for the answer again! After a lot of playing around with settings I got it!
I made a tutorial here:

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Great video! Glad things worked out Shan :+1:t2:

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