Dynamic Iframe - x-frame-option header


In the app, we can insert links and when user clicks on the link, an iframe displays the related website.
The “problem” is that depending on the x-frame-option header of the website, it is not possible to render it…

  1. Is there a way to "bypass"it or is there another solution to display/render the website without an iframe?
  2. is it possible to know the x-frame-option of the related website? Example, if the answer is that the x-frame-option = deny, I could display something else instead of the current beautiful error message :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for your help,

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Bypassing isn’t possible - it’s usually for security and the big social networks all use Deny frame options. Unfortunately I don’t see any ethical way around it.

hi! Thank you!

You’re right, it would not be ethical, neither in accordance to the website’s conditions so for sure I do not want to go against that.

Is there an API so to detect the x-frame option of a website?
I searched but I did not find anything…

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