Dynamic Links - pretty URLs

Another way to do this (but a bit nasty) is to host the “main” site elsewhere and frameset the bubble page including the name.

mypage > mybubblepage/index

The path should get preserved.

I don’t know I’ll defer to your better judgement and experience. We’re all on the learning journey and it’s just that I look at what I was doing back then and it was unoptimized, and slow, and just really bad compared to the way that I build now. Like I said, hacky and potentially slow, and you’ve confirmed it a few posts down. If you think it’s valuable knowledge to have on the forum leave it. Otherwise remove it I just wasn’t sure it was truly a good option.

I’ve been really struggling to find a way to make simplified links for my users to share their profiles on social media. I hope a solution is devised soon. Here is a recent post I’ve made about it, which also links to a previous thread where there were no desirable solutions presented for my use case:

let’s keep it so others would know about this alternative even through it’s hacky and slow :slight_smile:

Not sure what the “workaround” was, but if it’s the 404 redirect method referenced in this thread, I’m pretty sure that’s been discussed before in the forum.

The problem, of course, is that regardless of what appears in the address bar, it generates a 404, which tells browsers and search engines that the requested resource doesn’t exist (which is precisely the opposite of what’s desired).

Anyway, I know of a couple ways to create a dynamic home page using only Bubble logic (workflows) on the index page itself, but neither uses the “Path”, so they are not ideal (but almost certainly better than generating 404’s). I’ll post them under “Tips” so as not to clutter this feature request thread.

good point

can’t wait to learn that

You could probably build something workable with cloudflare forwarding rules and browser URL rewritting.

If you forward in Cloudflare


If you go to
it will forward it to http://domain.com/u/levon (workable in Bubble)

Then you just rewrite the URL in browser as http://domain.com/@levon replacing the history in browser.

@ char needs to be URL encoded(%40 I think)

You can also use another special character instead of @ like _ that doesn’t need URL encoding but people can relate to domain.com/@levon better than domain.com/_levon

Disclaimer: I haven’t tested this approach.

good idea, @JonL i thought about it, but when redirecting cloudflare won’t add @levon to the new URL.
I thought to use cloudns.com that can add the path to the destination URL, but they don’t allow A record and web forwarding for the same host (both would have to be for mydomain.com)

Bubble moaned when we tried to do this with Cloudflare.

I put together a demo page…

Thanks for this, @sudsy and it’s a great example, but it’s a bit different from what we need, we don’t want to use neither # nor ? in the URL

Understandable. I think a Bubble solution is going to be the ticket, which is why I hope your feature request gets implemented.


yeay, we have found an almost perfect solution and posted it here: Pretty URLs with Dynamic Links - mydomain.com/dynamiclink - Solution from Zeroqode



But I use tier 2 link and still cannot avoid 404 page