Feature Request: Multi-level pages

@neerja @emmanuel

I would like to be able to do something like "app-domain.com/settings/billing," however, we’re currently limited to app-domain.com/settings-billing."

It’s a small thing, however, I feel like the organization is nicer to the eye and cleaner.

I know that data right now goes into the URL path, however, what if the formula excludes the page’s page and searches for the data string following the last “/”

Hopefully that makes sense.

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I think you can make something like that with this plugin.

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Appreciate the mention, @stone.

@chriscardone, indeed, what you describe is possible with Sudsy Page. That’s precisely why it was created. Just be aware that it won’t work on the home (index) page; but any other (i.e. any “internal”) page can be “dynamic”.

Also, while perhaps not so relevant for settings, it’s also SEO friendly. And be sure to check out the demos. Lastly, the walk-through described in the Quick Start section of the docs is very close to your use case, so that might be worth a look as well.

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