Dynamic row addition in Repeating Group and bulk CRUD of Things using vanilla Bubble

Can I ask you a screenshot of the “set custom state” where you define “:plus item id ||| type”?
Also, it’d be amazing a screenshot of the conditional (when id ||| type, then visible).
Thanks a lot for the help!

EDITED: I solved this, thanks for your guide @artemzheg!

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Sorry I just saw your reply. For my use cases it’s usually already defined in the “row” text field of a thing. All adjustments will happen on user input so there’s very little room for error.

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Hi @artemzheg,
I was wondering if you had an idea of how to solve this:

I built it all but I have this issue which makes it difficult to use.

Thanks in advance!

You need to fill initial value for each input. Data source is the list of texts stored in custom state:

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Thanks a lot! It worked :muscle:t3:

Is this available for select users only?

Beta expression composer was deprecated recently:

if you’ve been actively using the beta expression composer, on April 10, you will no longer have access to the beta and your editor will revert back to the original expression composer.

You can try to compose your dynamic expression using old Expression parentheses beta feature:

Happy to report I did this successfully using just the Expression Paranthesis feature enabled and not the Beta Expression Composer (I didnt want to get too deep using a feature that was being depricated). It takes a bit longer to build, and if you find you built something out of order or the wrong value, you may need to redo it, but its all doable.

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