Difficulty viewing data from 3 inputs in the repeater group

Hey guys. I have a question and I need your help. I’m creating a budget page in bubble, and within this budget I need to place 3 inputs for the user to enter information about the part description, quantity and unit value. Below the 3 inputs, I placed an “Add” button and below a repeating group to display the input data that I want to save this information in a list through custom states, and to be visible in a repeating group. I started by creating 1 custom state for each input, with two inpts being number type and one text type. How do I display custom state information on each line of the repeater group? How to define a data source in the repeater group that takes information from the 3 custom states?

How Bubble is intended to work is you should create the stuff you want to display in the database.

Lets say the 3 inputs form an object called “myBudget”, then you should store it in the database, and set your RG to be type “myBudget” and source “Do a search for myBudget”.

There is no clean and default method to do what you want 100% locally on the browser.

So I wouldn’t use custom state?

Because my idea was to just store a list of information for each input when the entire budget is finalized.

Can you give me a step-by-step guide on how I would do this following your tip?

Create an object “myBudget”, this objects will store the data :

  • text from input1
  • text from input 2
  • number from input3
  • a field called “budget_finalization_date” of type “date”

Your repeating group will display all the “myBudget” objects. (source “Do a search for myBudget” with conditions on the user)

Every time the user adds a budget line, you will store it in database with no budget_finalization_date (null)

Then 2 scenarios :
1- the customer never finishes his budget : you make a routine backend workflow that will regularly (every week) delete all myBudget that do not have any budget_finalization_date

2- the customer finishes his budget, then you modify his myBudget objects and you add a budget_finalization_date to each one, so these do not get deleted by the routine

I understood. I have never used this workflow to regularly delete data. But I’ll try to execute!

Is there another option for me to be able to register this list of information for each input?

With this action you gave me, I had a question: the user will make around 10 quotes per day, each quote for a different client. Was all information visible in the repeater group? Even though it’s a new Budget?

Forgive me if the questions are silly, I’m new to bubble, and thanks for the help

I created an input for each information I need from the quote, such as customer data and service data, to store in my database and generate a PDF page. So I also want to get the information from each input (which is a list) and store it to pull at the end and generate the PDF.

What do you mean by “register”? Saving to the DB?

Wherever possible. First I thought it would work in the custom state, now I see that it has to be through the database. I just want to understand how to make the information for each input go to the database when the last “finalize budget” button is clicked

I don’t know precisely what your app do so I can not help much better.

As you initially described there was just a “client” and a “budget_line”.

If there is a notion of “client” as well you have to set your database accordingly.
Most likely each “budget_line” will be associated with a “client”.

So later on, if you want to get all “budge_line” for a given “customer” and print it as a PDF, you can do so with a simple “do search for”

You can store inputs values in a custom state and display them in a repeating group without creating a new item (thing) in the DB. But as soon as the page is reloaded - everything will be empty.

What do you mean by “for each input”? If there are just 3 inputs - you use Create a new Thing and assign values from the input to a Thing.

Or I’m missing something in your task?

My app is for creating quotes. So a user will be able to make several quotes.

In my 3 inputs, one will be for the service description, another for the quantity of the service, and another for the unit value of the service, and there will be several services added. then in the repeater group, each line will show the value, quantity and description of each service that was included in the inputs. After including all the services, there is a button at the bottom to finalize the quote. Yes, I want all customer data, including the list of information registered in the repeater group, to be stored in the database.

Each time the user fills in the 3 inputs, he will click on the “add” button and the value of the 3 inputs must go to the repeater group, right after the 3 inputs are reset, to insert new information

My initial idea was to create 3 custom states, one for each input, to store this information, and I set the state in the workflow. But when I want to get this data and display it in the repeater group, I don’t know how to display the 3 custom states, I don’t know how to define the data source of the repeater group so that it understands that it has to display the 3 custom states.

So, you would like to temporary store multiple “services” and save them to the DB later on a separate button click, right?

Exactly, I want to temporarily save each information and display it in the repeater group, until the budget is complete and everything goes to the database once and for all. Can you explain to me how to do this?

I’ve posted a detailed topic about working with dynamic forms recently:

So you can get the general idea from there.
One thing to note - you don’t need a separate number custom state (row_number in section 1. Creating custom states). I’ll update this tip with relevant info as soon as Bubble will solve my incident.

What a golden tip!! 1 congratulations on the work. I only had one difficulty: in the expression of the set state. for me to put the expression (+1) it was not valid After :max

I sent my computer screen for you to see

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You need to activate New expression composer:
Screenshot 2024-03-25 at 23.21.11
Modify the expression and then deactivate new expression composer.

My bubble does not have this functionality. Will I need to do some kind of update?

Remembering that I’m still on the free plan because I’m building an app

You need to activate this feature from settings (tab “version”):

Good morning !

Forgive me for the inconvenience, yesterday you helped me a lot through your tips.

I need your help with the step by step you gave me yesterday

I am encountering a difficulty in this step by step process that you gave me. When I get to the arbitrary text part, when I put the ‘description’ parameter as text, the ‘/’ operator doesn’t work. As if it only works for number type. can you help me ?

I only have a text type parameter, the others are number type. When I select this text-type parameter, the “/” is not available