Dynamic value for KEY url parameter

Looking to send a a dynamic value to the key. Looks like it’s not possible natively in Bubble.

Are there any plugins people would suggest?

I saw this one but it has very few (28) installs: Dynamic URL Generator Plugin | Bubble

You can just open an external website and structure the URL yourself to your app in anyway you can. Below, aba is a page in my app:

This seems like it could get messy if I’m having to update and replace parameters

i.e current URL is www.homepage.com?test=1&hello=world but I want to go to www.homepage.com?test=2

If you are going to make it dynamic, any part of this URL can be made dynamic:

It is not very different than having a dynamic key value.

Is there any reason not to use the Go to page function? It’s more structured and allows for dynamic parameters, avoids a plugin, and avoids a page refresh (which I believe the external website doesn’t)?

I guess what I understood is he wanted the key to be dynamic. Of course, if that’s not what you want @andrewmccalister, you should definitely use Go to page.

Got it. I didn’t read it to mean that.

@andrewmccalister you can also turn the key itself into a dynamic value and thereby stay with go to page (although that may be a bad idea based on use case)

E.g., “homepage?test=1&hello=world” → “homepage?key1=test&value1=1&key2=hello&value2=world”

Can you put the URL in ‘’ it auto converts it.

My post the same thing initially.

I had quotes but it still auto converted. I changed it to not have the www or the .com :point_up_2:

Can you expand what you mean?

i.e do you mean actually using the key input and putting the dynamic value into it?

This is probably not a good idea except for very specific use cases, but the key would be key1 and then the next key would be value1. It’s just deconstructing the typical querystring from key value format to label key label value format

The other option - I want to avoid, is making the Key static, but adding complexity elsewhere.

Currently I have an RG with Data Type: tags with Fields: Name, Type. When someone clicked on a Name I wanted to:

Go To page where Key = Field: Type (Color, Features, etc) and Value = Field: Name (Green, Blue, etc for Colors or Recline, Back support, etc for features)

The other option:
Have an RG for each of the Field: Type (i.e a specific RG for Color Type) and hard code Key = Color for any click on that RG.

Seems extremely over complicated…

Why not just send the Data Type record in the querystring?

I’m not certain what you mean. Can you provide an example?

Data type field has all the info right?

So “homepage?tag_uid=[unique ID of the tag record]”

and then on load of that page if tag_uid URL parameter != “” → find the tag by unique ID and then based on whether its, color, features etc.