Dynamic Values for refresh_token in API Connector

I’m looking to find a way to replace old refresh_token value with a new one once the call is complete. The call went through without errors, but the problem I have is that the old value isn’t replaced with the newly generated one.

My second issue is that my access token (bearer) must also be replaced after a new refresh_token is generated. However, access token is inputted manually in the header for authorization & I am not able to use a dynamic value for it. I’ve set the authentication method as “None or self-handled”.

I’ve read similar posts, but not sure how to proceed from here.

The API documentation is as below:
Refresh Token (xoxoday.com)

Why you don’t use the Bubble oAuth2 user-agent flow authentication? You will not need to care about refreshing token.

If you want to continue manually, you just need to store data into DB and store the date expiration to refresh it when needed.

I’m actually wondering if you are trying to just connect your own account of if you try to connect your users account?

According to doc, each time you refresh access token, you will also get a new refresh token, Store both token in DB. There’s an endpoint to validate the access_token and if this is expired, you can just get a new one with refresh token. In none selfhandled auth, authentication header should be in each call. This way, you can populate it dynamically (don’t forget to remove private checkbox)

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