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Dynamically adjust Bubble page heights for mobile screens - make your apps look good on mobile screens

It seems like a lot of Bubble users are struggling with optimizing their Bubble apps for mobile screens. So, I made a short tutorial on how to manage element heights and page heights in Bubble to look really good on mobile screens. Hope this is useful.



Awesome video @d9999

This will certainly help many folks here … Me being one of them!

Thanks! :grinning:

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btw, here the code for copy/paste

CSS code (paste in HTML element)
.fullHeight {
height: 100vh !important;

Classify commands (add to page and groups)
{addClass: "fullHeight"}
{removeClass: "fullHeight"}


That’s cool. Thank you.

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hey folks
let me know if there are other mobile-related issues you are struggling with. happy to make more tutorials if there are some issues many people struggle with :slight_smile:

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