Each company sending whatsapp reminders to their own customers, from their own whatsapp

Hi everyone. I currently have a multi-tenant app, each company having their own customers. I’m trying to figure out how to let them send appointment reminders via whatsapp, from their own whatsapp to their own customers… I’ve been trying to figure it out with Twilio but still no result. Can’t find on how to dynamically change the senders. If anyone can help me, it would be much appreciated.

Hi Oskar,

If you use Twilio or any other provider that relies on WhatsApp Business API, you would have to ask your customer to switch their number to this version of WhatsApp which doesn’t come with an app and where sending outbound messages is no longer free. In my experience, it’s generally a no for them.

What you can do instead is to have them connect their existing WhatsApp numbers via QR to one of the many providers that offer API access that functions on top of the free versions of WhatsApp. We happen to be one of them [1].

Once you do this, you can use Bubble to change the sender dynamically in a way that’s very easy, as easy as changing the value of a variable.

We developed a plugin for Bubble that lets you do the sending and receiving [2] which is an implementation of our API for developers [3].

I hope you can give it a try.

[1] https://2chat.co/
[2] https://bubble.io/plugin/2chat-whatsapp-api–free-widget-1695140648428x528595962957135900
[3] https://developers.2chat.co/

Thanks! I will check this out.