Easier access to plugin demos

I find myself frequently checking out new plugins in the Plugin window. Many of them depend on a demo to really show what they add to your app.

Not all plugins need a demo, but I suggest letting plugin developers optionally add a demo page URL, that’s available directly from the Plugin window. I think it’s likely this will boost sales as well.


Ya, it often requires a lot of searching on Google to find a plugin’s documentation/demo, if it even has any. I suppose the demo could go on the plugin page, too.

We have the demo button on our Zeroqode Plugin pages (if we created one for particular plugin) - for example here https://zeroqode.com/plugin/editable-data-table-like-excel-1521718572202x306980888366284800
but I agree it could be helpful to have it as shown on the screenshot above and on Bubble plugin page. Maybe a place to put screenshot or gif would be also good to have there.
We are working to create demos for most of our plugins (ideally all of them) but it takes time as we currently manage 130 plugins (and growing) which is about 30% of all Bubble plugins.
thanks for suggesting this @petter !

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Agree here too. Very easy to add.