Ebay EPN Smart Links

Hi All,

Love that I’m usually able to find any answer by searching the forum but it doesn’t seem like anyone has run into this yet.

Ebay offers a small bit of code that changes all Ebay links on the page to affiliate links. Looks like this:
< script src=“https://epnt.ebay.com/static/epn-smart-tools.js”></ script>
< script>window._epn = {campaign:CAMPAIGNID};</ script>

That bit of code needs to be between the tags and the campaign ID needs to be dynamically changed. I tried putting that code snippet in the proper “Page HTML Header” box, in an HTML element, and in a code element but no matter what I try, it just doesn’t seem to change the links.

Is some order of operations overwriting the links after Ebay’s script does it’s thing? Is the script blocked from firing?
Any advice is much appreciated!

  • Nick Z.

Hoping someone is out there with an idea to try!

I believe eBay also offers regular affiliate links that you can use. When you login to eBay partner network you should be able to choose that option. Then you can use a simple link element in bubble.

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