Edge browser responsiveness inconsistencies

Hi Everyone,

Has anyone had an issue with their pages rendering differently in chrome/safari vs. microsoft edge? I have a site similar to Airbnb, and if I go to a listing page the reservation box below the main picture on the right side of the page appears at the bottom of the page in edge but where it should normally be in chrome/safari. Have not filed a bubble bug report since I think it’s most likely the way edge renders the page.


You can check out the above link in the different browsers if you’re curious to see what’s happening.


If you see something like this, I’d recommend submitting a bug. A few things to check before you do that though:

  • Make sure you page is set up for responsive, and that it’s not “off” in Edge simply because you’re viewing it in different size browser
  • Check to see if the browser is zoomed in or zoomed out. If the browser isn’t at zoom = 100%, then things can look funny. I think the zoom issue is a constraint with Bubble’s rendering engine.

Hey thanks for the tips. So I think it is a zooming issue. I’m using a Microsoft Surface Book 2 with OS-wide custom scaling set at 225% and MS browser is set to 225 as well. If you zoom the browser in and out at the OS-wide scale factor of 225 certain elements come back to where they should. What’s interesting though is that if you keep zooming in sometimes at a higher zoom level things that should not fit on the page because they weren’t in the right spots at the higher zoom level come back to where they should.

All in all probably not a huge thing to worry about, but at least I think I know where it’s coming from! Thanks for your help.

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Hey, same happens with the new Firefox Quantum.