Edit all rows in a database? (replace symbol)

So I made a mistake, spent a whole lot of time importing 30k+ rows into the database and one column contains an unnecessary } symbol.
I want to be optimistic and think that this should be possible to remove, if someone has an idea how should I go about this - I’m all ears!
Thank you.

  1. Set page with a button
  2. Build a recursive (looping) backend workflow to go through al 30k items fixing the content to how you want it
  3. Set the backend flow to be scheduled on current date at the click of a button
  4. Set a text element with a search for your things “count”
  5. Preview the page where you placed the text element and refresh it constantly to see the count increasing as the looping flow does its job

If you don’t know how to build recursive flows here is a good video walk-thru (focus on the looping teachings and replace the actions inside the loop with the one/s that you want to run)