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Editor behaviour - text not showing

Is anybody else going through strange editor behaviours including:

  • Text not showing in the editor… though sporadically appearing when changes are made
  • Responsive Editor not showing any elements at all

This has started happening in the last hour across all applications in all browsers.
But wanted to check if system wide / just me before reporting to Bubble.

Yup, just tested it for you. It is happening to me too. Weird. Time to report a bug. :blush:

Status page says everything is good. :joy:

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Yes, have been having issues, particularly with Responsive editor for a few days. I’m new to Bubble so just thought it was buggy.

I’m also having issues in Preview: Typeform Embed Help

Do you think this is related?

I’m also having this problem. It’s really hard to edit now.