Editor improvements: visual labels + notes on elements

I have reported the problem,however till now, I have reported 3 other problems, so I don’t want to lose any more time.Here is the problem

Topic New obligatory version of bubble editor,released 5 hours ago,Very slow and frequent crashing,no more double editor ,very slow action

Description I don’t know why I am forced to use this feature I didn’t choose this,I loved the old one and I was pretty fast at it,and I don’t know why this is not experimental how this is the final product,I don’t know may be new round of investment run ?.So basically,It crashes,very slow,by slow I mean lets say you are editing a group you click (+4 seconds) , edit dynamic data (+4 seconds) , some conditional lets say 2 conditionals (+ 2"4 = 8 ) , now you go add some work flows to it click edit workflow (4+ seconds), So editing a group takes +16 seconds,lets say my workflow has 2 sections (+2"16 = 32) with new editor to edit one item my 52 seconds is gone ,punished for
being fast.So,1 item takes 52 seconds Imagine 500 items(which I approximately create every day) 52"500=26k seconds , 433 minutes 5 hours.You have taken me 5 hours (without counting in crashes and with out being able to use 2 editors) lets include that lets say 2 hours for that,you have taken me 7 hours a day of work.Well that is the ultimate beast level of productivity killing.""Note : I have removed dont show labels in the view tab.


Really liking these additions that makes building with Bubble easier and fun.

Great suggestions here about adding Custom State indicators to element labels. While on this subject, it would be really helpful if each indicator also has a count. For example, just by clicking on an element on the editor canvas, I’d be able to see how many workflows and actions are attached and how many custom states and how many comments are attached to that element.

@laura.oppenheimer @nick.carroll any chance of seeing these added in the next sprint?

If anyone else would find such a feature useful, you can vote for it on the idea board here: Bubble | Build Powerful Full-Stack Apps Without Code

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Thank you for this new feature.

I would like to test it but on my side it is not configured by default and I do not see Show element labels in the View menu

Do you have any suggestion?

Thank you for your help

I’m not seeing this on a new app I have created… Been driving me crazy trying to find it but it’s just missing

Do you have an ad blocker on by chance? The way this was rolled out, if you have an ad blocker on you won’t see it. A little inside baseball: We ran this as an experiment which needs cookies; once we formally clean up the experiment this will show up to all unrelated to cookie status, but until then an ad-blocker will get in the way here.

@laura.oppenheimer YOU ARE THE WINNER!!!

For anyone else experiencing this, could well be the popup blocker

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