Editor improvements: visual labels + notes on elements

Hi Bubblers,

We’ve rolled out a change to make it easier to manage all elements while designing on Bubble.

When you’re editing your app, your elements now all have labels that show which elements need data and/or workflows to function. You’ll also be able to see once an element has defined data, or a workflow attached to it. If your workflow or data isn’t properly set up, the icon will be red to let you know it’s worth taking a look at. Bonus: Clicking the labels will take you directly to that element’s data input or workflow (skipping the step of clicking through to the property editor).

Missing data

With data

Elements with notes will also have a clickable indicator that opens up notes, so that solo devs can better internally document and teams can better collaborate during development. If a developer leaves a note on an element and you haven’t yet read it, the note icon will be yellow to let you know there’s something to read; once you’ve read the note, the icon will be blue.

Because we think this is helpful for developers of all abilities and experience levels, we’ve defaulted this on for all Bubble apps. You can always turn it off if it isn’t working for you; just head to the View menu (previously called Grids & Borders, but home to a bunch of settings for how you view the editor canvas) and un-check Show element labels.

This should make it easier to navigate from design to all your data and workflows as you build out your app! Happy building!


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Please add subfolders for backend APIs (without limit on nesting). Documenting via notes, well, okay.


I like these alot! It’s been a real pain in the ass trying to figure out which element has notes and which don’t.


This is great! I noticed the mouseover labels seemed to respect other elements ‘top’ placement which means they can be covered (seen here directly beneath ‘Search for Recipes’).

I’d say it’s ok for these labels to always float on top since they’re used for identifying the elements.

Additionally I love the ‘Note’ indicator and saw the ‘Workflow’ indicator as well - would it be possible to do something similar to indicate elements with a Custom State?


Showing custom states would be glorious. In the elements tree especially.


These changes are great and much appreciated but now my editor is giving me issues.

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@laura.oppenheimer Looks great!

Could the light blue Reusable Element name popup be removed since there’s a new one now?

Currently if the reusable is small (like 30x30px) the popup covers itself and everything around it so you can’t select right next to the reusable/any elements under the light blue.

Also seems the new purple name popup is getting cut off from inside the RG cell?


Thanks for the flag on the repeating group - this is a limitation of our current implementation of this feature but I know we’d like to figure out a solution for it. On the blue box - great call-out! We could probably not show that box if you have labels enabled. I think there’s still value there in the event you’ve turned off this feature.

It’s tough to know if the issues you’re seeing are caused by this release - feel free to get in touch with our Success team to do a deep dive (Or if you disable the labels and still see the issues, you’d then know that what you’re seeing in your editor isn’t caused by the labels).

Hey laura,I want the old version give me the option to be able to use the old one this editor is really slow.Takes 4 seconds each click


Nice work! are we going to see the editor dark mode any time soon?

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Getting the same issue, it’s so slow on my side that I can barely use it for the moment… :confused:

Does disabling it help?


So far I’m enjoying the updates. Thanks a lot for that.

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I love the fresh look! Thank you and keep up the great work

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@emir.ozgun That shouldn’t be the case. If disabling it helps, that’s a sign that there’s something off on our side. Can you please get in touch with us to submit a bug report if that’s what you experience so we can take a look?

So I like the concept but it seems to have broken the formatting of a few of my pages - seemingly around reusable elements? I was only able to get the formatting fixed by deleting and re-adding elements, but not sure if anyone else has seen something similar.

very nice feature, but why is it not visible on all (repeating)groups? it works randomly?

nope,first thing I have tried.no more double editors too…