Editor Timing Out

Has the Editor died or something? I can’t get it to load. Wondered if it was just me or not, keeps given a message to say there’s a problem loading it.

no it is not you. must be stuck bubble side

Ah ok, I thought I broke something!


Feck! ive just submitted a bug report…most of my apps are dandy…just seems to be anything with Stripe throwing this…for me anyway

Bubble status shows all fine…is https://status.bubble.is/

So you’re the culprit!!! :slight_smile:

What is your console showing? im getting a 503 () error pertaining to stripe

Same error I think as you, I see the Stripe error.

Stripe Status shows all fine…leave it to Bubble

@Emmanuel, making you aware of this in case you’re not already

My apps are failing, and also the editors. It would be nice to know what is happening. Looking forward!

Looks like it was solved! Thanks! :smiley: