Element Tree > How to display all the elements?

Hi there,
Do you know if it is possible to display all the elements (visible + not visible) in just one click ? => in the the element tree + on the page
It would be very useful for pages with lots of elements, for example when managing the responsiveness of each element.
Displaying all the elements would avoid to “miss” one…
Moreover, each time the page is refresh, the element tree collapses and I have to reopen everything all over again (waste of time).
(Right clic > Show all children : only displays the 1st level underneath…)
Thanks for your help

I feel your pain. No, however there are a large number of forum posts on this and there are already ideas submitted through the Ideaboard to Bubble.

There is unfortunately no more we can do to ask for this.

Hopefully this comes this year.

Thanks a lot for your answer

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April '23 and still no way to do this??

Now there is this marvelous Chrome Extention to expand the Element Tree : nocodext - Chrome Web Store

Such a useful thing that bubble decides to not ship and make us rely on some third party add-on. Brilliant