Element visibility based on searchbox input

Hi Guys,

I’m trying to make a button visible only when there are no results available in the searchbox suggested results list (meaning no record in database after searching), but it doesn’t work.

Can I check if it’s because something’s wrong with my conditional and Do a search for settings?

I think typed text is not working the way you expect. See the demo below. Typed text of a search box doesn’t get the text immediately:

If you check the following option, the typed text become a text after pressing enter.

In this demo, I type ref and press enter:

Even in this case, the number below (which does a search based on typed text) still is not updated though:

For you, maybe you can use a regular input?

Maybe someone who knows searchbox better can enlighten us.

@bkay @hergin

One way would be use a hidden rg running a search based on the searchbox value (not the typed text). If first item is empty then show the button.

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