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Elements displayed at wrong positions

Lately this has happened more and more frequently and right now a I can’t even get it right.
I set up the elements in the positions I´de like them in the editor but once I view the page (in both test and live mode) some of he objects have moved to random positions. If I change the position of the element in the editor and pushes it and then moves it back to the preferred position it oftens gets right. But not every time. And then any (random it seems) action from me placing new objects will trigger this behavior again.

Am I alone with this issue and what am I doing wrong then or is this a bug?

If you can identify a pattern and email us that’s best. we’re going to push a major change in the way we save apps this week, which will be much more reliable, so things may just be fine in a few days. if not, email us and we’ll look into it.

Sounds great!
Looking forward to the update.