Elements not aligned in preview page

Hi everyone!

I’ve just started on Bubble and I’d like some help.

I am just starting to get use to the look and feel of Bubble by building a very simple login page. I’ve aligned in the design page but when I preview it, they are all out of place.

Image from design page

Image from preview

Am I missing something?


The elements will adjust to the screen size and their own settings
If you want to avoid this, use group. Put everything into a group and put max width on the group to 100.

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Hi Jici.

Thanks! Let me give it a try.


Did it fix your problem? I have the same error happening…

I fixed my problem. Seems I had rogue text elements on the page. I opened the Elements Tree and noticed several very small unwanted text elements on the page. One of them was “edit me”, I suppose that is leftover from a Bubble template

Hi @cgthornton

I fixed my problem by unclicking the page fixed-width option.

Sometimes it’s the littlest thing that made the difference. :slight_smile:

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