Elements not appearing on page with many input fields


I have a page with many input fields, and on the bottom have another group & a button. All visibility is turned on, however they’re not appearing.


Sorry about the bug!

Sorry forgot realize this was all password protected.

Use email:
[email protected]


then click on the first link “company information”

Are there supposed to be more forms after “What is the plan name?” because there are other forms before it. I also applaud you for the design

In the editor it appears as below. There are text & input fields as well as buttons.

And thank you for the compliment!

Hey again,

Could you clone your app and share an editor link? Also, can you confirm that this works in live version (without version-test) in the URL?

As I noticed this error while browsing the live version and it may or may not have something to do with the issue:


Will do the share in a minute. I am using jQuery via this post. Also yes this is perpetuating in the live version

Have you tried running the app in safe mode? Do so by hovering on “PREVIEW” in the editor and choosing any of the three options. I recommend without plugins & HTML.

Wow, that made it work perfectly!
Do you have a sense of how I could make the jQuery change work without interfering with the HTML?

I need the jquery to that users can just tab between fields

Last I checked, you can tab between fields without anything extra?

Right but the default tab option with Bubble is really random. With this many fields you end up jumping all over the page. However with the custom HTML it’s linear.

I haven’t had much experience with custom html inside bubble

I’ll private message you a work-around without jQuery.

Profamil it would be great if you could post the details here so others can learn from it too because it is a problem I know a few of have.

Well, it’s not 100% my solution, not sure if at @romanmg would be okay with it. :wink:

Don’t worry @Profamii - I have Gaby’s courses and her knowledge base of articles so I’ll get it there. I just hadn’t search yet because I have not got that far but knew I’d need it.

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