Email Error When Creating an Account for Someone

When trying to create an account for someone else I keep getting the error "Oops, this doesn’t look like a valid email: " Except that it is a valid email and it goes ahead and creates the account and does the next steps in the system. Yet it errors out. What am I missing?

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I also get that error when importing CSV, it says an email is not valid but it is valid. When I remove that email from the CSV, the next import attempt also aborts for the same reason…it just errored with a different email (it too is valid).

Also, what is Bubble validating the email against?

I found my error. For each of the emails in the CSV that I was trying to import, they had one space at the end of the email. I deleted the space and they imported. I discovered this error by reading the email Bubble sends for each import to the database. I noticed the “space” in the email