Email Issues ETA? - FIXED

Hey @Bubble,

Do we have an ETA on the email issue? My clients can’t send emails and are getting a little frustrated.


Also, @Bubble, after this is fixed what can we expect? Will the emails that were supposed to get sent out actually get sent out? Are they queued up somewhere?

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Auwhhh theres an issue, no wonder none of my email were sent. Im on paid plan so i assume the native buble workflows email are having an issue

Right. Me too. It’s only an issue for those that use the legacy email system and those on the free plan I guess.

Subscribe to to get an email when there are issues. Otherwise I wouldn’t know the emails weren’t working and neither would my clients. At least I can warn my clients about this with a notification in the mean time.

I wanted to use sendgrid but looking at the problem involving sendgrid now i might be thinking of using other workaround. Plus that happend over 10 hours ago and haven’t heard any update since

We’re waiting for Sendgrid to resolve the problem (and to tell the truth, i’m not sure what they’ll do with emails that were supposed to get sent out, we’re asking them).


Thanks @emmanuel, at least I got the email from pretty quick so I was able to put a little notification that the site is currently down. Not the best news for my clients though. I hope we hear back from them soon.

If you’re on a paid plan you can use your own sendgrid key and you’ll be fine.

Not to scaremonger, but while people are waiting I think they should be prepared to have to re-trigger those unsent emails manually, which depending on the type of email could be problematic. Obviously this is a new issue and I hope I’m wrong, but I recall a day last year with a lot of unexpected app signups and I was too late in upgrading my Sendgrid account and the emails triggered after I exceeded my 100/day limit and before I upgraded were just lost. I had hoped that they would be be queued and sent after upgrading, but they were not.

Thanks for the thoughts. I actually have a way that the person can BCC themselves on the email so they can catch the issue themselves if there is ever a problem. But if someone doesn’t get the email and if the sender assumes it went out, there could be some big issues. Hope I caught it quick enough. I think I need to start doing some kind of check to see if it didn’t work.

It’s now back


@J805 I think they are queued. I just received a few emails that were from early this morning/late last night.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

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