Embed a Javascript file into a specific page

Hello guys !

I would like to add this beautiful confetti JS effect on my page when a user signup to my platform. :fire:

I’m just not sure how I can embed the file to the specific page. It doesn’t seem possible on Bubble. Does anyone would have an idea on to achieve the trick?

Thanks in advance for your feedback and wishing you all a beautiful sunday :grinning:

You can run custom Javascript with the Toolbox plugin: Toolbox Plugin | Bubble


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Thanks so much for your quick @bubblealex

The fact is that it seems that I have to install the ‘confetti.js’ file into the html code of the page and then use the Toolbox plugin to run the effect on the page. I tried to add the code from the file into the Javascript to Bubble but it doesn’t worked. It really seems that the code from the file and the JS to run it have to be embed separately but I’m not so much of a pro in JS so I may be wrong and if so I would love to learn about how can I do it another way around.

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