Embeddable Contact Widget

Hi Bubblers,

We’re working on building a CRM system, and we would like to create a contact widget that our users can embed on their personal websites. Then, once data is filled out on their personal websites, have that data synced into our (the users) CRM system as a “new lead”.

Ideally, we could build a simple contact form (name, email, description) and allow the user to style it how they choose. Then, they can copy the HTML code that was generated, and embed it on their own website.

Is something like this possible with Bubble? We don’t even know where to start with building something like this. Any suggestions or ways you can point us in the right direction would be very helpful!

Thanks in advance.

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Build the bubble page as you want it.

In settings enable the app to be functional as an iframe. I thinks there is a setting for this somewhere in settings/general

Look up for html code to display URLs in an iframe … just Google it.

Provide this code to your users so that they can install it on their corresponding website page

Test this using an html element on an empty bubble page in your app.

Hope this helps :+1:t2:


Great advice. Thank you for your insight! Do you know if this would cover sending data back into our app that was retrieved from the contact form?

That is how iframes work

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hey @jj11 I’m interested in something similar (ie website widget). Were you able to achieve that given the instructions above? Any learning lessons/pitfalls you would mention on the widgets?

Still working on this @guy.blueoceans - actually just getting ready to build it a year later!

I’ve found that an Iframe is the best way so far.

You can also auto-hide the “refresh” feature so that doesn’t trigger within the Iframe.

And, you can use some javascript to re-size the Iframe within the webpage that it’s embedded in, so resize to fit best for the Iframe.