Ensure Recursive Workflows Run in Sequence

I’m creating a process where I’m using a recursive workflow to create a set of items. For a few reasons, I want to make sure that each item is created before the next one is added. One reason is that I need to check a running total to make sure that the batch doesn’t exceed the total.

Is there a way to ensure that a recursive workflow completes before running the next loop? I’ve added a second delay before kicking off the next workflow, but it doesn’t seem to be foolproof as sometimes I can tell the next iteration starts before the previous one was complete.

Or is there a better way to generate a set of items aside from using a recursive workflow?

Hello @mike35

On the rescheduling action apply a condition where the creation step needs to be not empty

Thanks for the help, @cmarchan. That doesn’t seem to work. I think it’s because I’m calling another backend workflow that performs multiple actions. The backend workflows run asyncronously, so the next steps won’t wait, right?

Hello @mike35

Explore custom events. This helps with order of operations.

This post should help shed some light on this topic:

Thanks - however custom events can only take in one object as a parameter, correct? This is a limitation I’ll need to work around.