Error 404: Stripe Invalid Checkout Session - Get Call Initialized Properly

I have setup a Get call for a Stripe Checkout Session. Inside of the API connector I have initialized the call and it works, the raw response data comes back as expected.

For testing purposes I set the parameters of Checkout Session ID and Stripe Account ID to be Private.

When on the page attempting to use the Get call that was just initialized I get a 404 error saying the checkout session ID is not valid.

Everything is in test mode…I’m in the version test of the application. In the video I demonstrate the initialization of the API call and the setup on the page and the attempt to use the call followed by the error in the debugger.

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Getting the same error. Did you find a solution to this?

I think it was because Bubble defaulted to the value set in the API connector and that value was not a valid value for a checkout session. Had to use a valid checkout session value.

Thanks for getting back to me.

By valid checkout session do you mean from a session in production?

If you are using your live version and having issues then yes…I was having issues in my development version so I was looking at test data from stripe

I’ve been only working with my test versions.
I’ve used the parameter [id] but that did not work either.

Any idea what I should do here?

Make sure there is an actual checkout session with the ID you specify in the account you specify.

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Appreciate you so much! I had to look at Stripe logs and pull the account through there. The account id through the api docs was not correct