Error checking on backend workflows doesn't really do much

This screenshot is from backend workflows :confused: As you can see, there is an error, but the error does not show up in issues

In total, there were around 10 errors totally uncaught by the activated error checker.

Maybe file a bug report too so they can investigate:

Why was this post hidden?

Because there was already another post about it, and Johnny linked them up. I know you don’t submit bug reports these days, but that’s the right way to go.

I understand but he linked my post as the original in another post so now there’s a link to a hidden post to here but it’s okay

Yeah, that post had come in first, and nothing wrong with a link to an unlisted post… just keeps the forum a bit tidier (which is a losing battle, of course, but we try).

Ok I did a last check before reporting it, and now it seems to be working. again.
I did not restart the pc, did not restart browser, did not even close the tab. I guess it got sorted by the support team.

Thank you

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