Error Loading Merge Conflicts in Bubble: Looping Issue

Hi Bubble community,

I’ve been encountering a persistent issue while trying to merge the main branch into another branch. The error message I keep receiving is: “There was an error loading the conflicts of this merge. Please refresh and try again.” Unfortunately, this problem seems to be stuck in a loop, making it quite frustrating to resolve. Every time I click the “Next” button, the page refreshes and gets stuck at the same stage again.

Here’s a screenshot of the error:

I’ve tried using two different browsers (Edge and Opera), but the issue persists. Any insights or solutions would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Having the same issue. Were you able to figure it out?

Hey @drozhatvids, no, I just tried it and it’s still not working. Should we file a bug report?

I managed to find a solution. Here’s what I did: I created a new branch from the main branch. Then I merged the problematic looped branch into that new branch. By doing this, I preserved all the changes I had made in the problematic looped branch. Finally, I removed the problematic branch.

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