"error running a workflow" workflow not catching workflow error

Since Bubble won’t fix their FB and Google login plugins - they claim fixing them would result in security vulnerabilities but they wouldn’t - Bubblers must invent their own solutions to the “this email already in use” error themselves or deal with the default bad UX.

Note: this happens when a user first signs up with email/password and then later tries to login with the FB or Google Oauth plugins using accounts linked to the signup email.

I added a workflow to catch such errors and handle them in a more user-friendly manner as shown below:

Yet when I trigger this error, the workflow shown above is not triggered. Instead I get the generic error that looks like this:


Any ideas as to how I can trigger this workflow so I can handle this error in a user friendly manner?

Use this - NO_SUCH_USER trap

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@melon, thanks for the suggestion.

I tried adding the workflow action you suggested to my “error running a workflow” workflow as shown below. This didn’t work. Still the same issue. The “error running a workflow” workflow is not triggered so the action contained therein isn’t triggered either.

So I tried adding it to my workflow that generates the error (i.e. my login/signup with facebook workflow) but the “current workflow’s error code” conditional is not a valid option for normal non-error workflows as shown in screenshot below.

Any other ideas?

Also, I’d like to show an error group (not a popup or alert). I have a column with collapsible groups that contain all of my login functionality (e.g. social login, email login, loading spinners, error handling, terms and conditions, etc) as shown below. That works for other errors so I’d like to try to use that approach for this error type so I can keep things simple and consistent.

Can you try to get the original Error ID or Error Message

I know the error ID and error message. They’re displayed below:

The problem is that I don’t know how to get them through bubble / through a workflow.

I think this is what’s happening:

  • workflow to sign up / login user in via FB is initiated
  • FB sign up / login triggers a page reload
  • reload messes up the workflow error detection

So I guess my question for you is how do you recommend I get the Error ID or Error Message. Workflow route I’d usually use isn’t working.

I put an alert element and called Errors workflow

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Your error code will be USED_EMAIL

Using an unhandled error was able to catch the facebook error. This is better than having a “when ____ has an error running a workflow” approach because I want to handle all of the login errors in a consistent manner and don’t want to have to design different error workflows for email, FB and Google logins. Thank you!