Examples of apps created using bubble

I just discovered bubble yesterday and few hours going through the tutorials and really like the concept and I’m trying to see if Bubble would be a good fit for what I want to create. Although the tutorials where good I would like to see if anyone is able to share live example of the product they created using Bubble. If you can please share as this would be very helpful to see once you can see a fully functioning app created with Bubble and also list any struggles or things you would different that could possibly help a new Bubbler. Tks Sonia

A good place to look at is the App Gallery or this compilation created by the Community.

If you can provide more specifics about what you are trying to build - I’m sure you’ll receive some good thoughts.

From my experience there are very few things that bubble can’t do and if it doesn’t do it - it soon will.

Hi John, thanks I’m working on creating a simple easy to use app for enriching family life and keep families better connected and organized. I want to create a user friendly interface where a parent can easily teach their kids how to use the features in the app and create and be responsible for their own entries. Any suggestions you have would be great. tks

So if you want to start quick to validate this idea you can simply use/purchase a template https://bubble.io/templates

Then connect your features into it. If you’re not into UI/UX then using that would be a good starting point.

You probably want to signup families - bubble has full user management built in and connects to external signup/logins from facebook etc…

It sounds like you’re trying to make lists, maybe family tasks and events - you can easily create database entries to store all of these and then decide how you want them displayed using the latest UI/UX principles that exist - or like myself I just display them in rows. There is a built in calendar function where you could create events on dates and manipulate that data.

There are many “plugins” that expand bubble’s capabilities so if you want a drag and drop type capability in your app you can do that. If you want to connect to an external “api” such as a school or education service might offer you can do that.

So in general I would take the approach of building the simplest app you can to quickly validate your family idea with the expectation that you can also add more features and functionality yourself down the road. To do so though expect to put in at least 40 hours to do every bubble tutorial and video and try to make simple examples first. Bubble in my view is really a gamechanger vs going out and hiring expensive programmers to make your vision a reality.

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yes i’m creating a calendar feature that works for multiple users in the house and be able to assign the tasks to the users that need to do them. I will definitely check out the existing templates you provided. I did create a prototype using fluidui and was also trying to see how i can incorporate the features from the prototype into bubble, do you know if that’s possible? I agree I currently want to work on developing my MVP only and get into the hands of mom’s to see if can get a decent amount of users that like the concept and if they would use it

also this may be a stupid question is bubble integrated to work with playstore and app store because the examples under the gallery i can’t seem to find them in playstore

Bubble is primarily for building web apps at the current point in time. The apps that are on the iOS App Store and Google Play are taking advantage of beta (unfinished) features of this platform, and are not officially ready for use.

So how would my users access my app? would it be through a URL only?

Yeah, just like you’d go to www.facebook.com or something. If you check out the course by @natedogg, he’s got a good walkthrough of how to make a hybrid mobile app that you can package up and put on the Play Store and iOS App Store, it’s just not quite “Bubble official” yet.